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Merchant/Webmasters Services CUEBILL - Subscriptions | Digital Downloads | Payment Processing

Merchant/Webmasters Services

Business Owners/Webmasters

Whether you run an online subscription business or are interested in selling digital products/services or we can help you work faster and more effectively.

What CUEBILL can offer you:

  • Ability to Sell Digital Media
    Whether you plan to sell your album in MP3 format, an eBook in PDF format or even a video, the CUEBILL Commerce Platform allows you to sell you digital products online.

  • Competitive Billing Rates
    Our rates are amongst the best in the industry. Don't hesitate to contact us for our latest rates.

  • Strong Affiliate Network
    Our network of motivated affiliates will put your site in front of many viable prospects. In addition, our business clients can recruit their own affiliates/sales people while we handle the task of tracking their sales and paying them.

  • One-time & Recurring Billing
    Webmasters that want to bill their subcribers on a periodic basis will be pleased to note that CUEBILL supports recurring billing. It is simple, you set the period and we'll collect the payment and send it to you.

  • Powerful Management Control Panel
    With detailed information on all incoming orders & subscriptions, affiliate tracking, income graphs and monthly reporting, our management system lets you see, in a single glance, how well your business is doing.

  • Detailed Earnings Reports
    Daily, weekly and monthly snapshot reports of your earnings are available to help you see how much money you are making.

CUEBILL Subscriptions

How to get started:

1) Sign up for an account & get appproved

2) Login and add subscription site information

3) Create subscription plans/packages

6) Set up affiliate program and accept new subscribers

5) Run a test subscription and verify results

4) Customize look & feel of subscription page



How to get started:

1) Sign up for an account & get appproved

2) Login to your account and create your store

3) Populate the store with items for sale

6) Set up affiliate programs and accept new orders

5) Make a test purchase from your store and check results

4) Customize the look of your store using HTML & CSS



We provide a way for businesses to sell subscriptions, products and services over the web.

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